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Beginner workout routine for women tips

Given below is a simple beginner workout routine for women, which can help you achieve health and fitness for a lifetime:

  1. Walking

It is one of the easiest exercises of all and it can have deep, positive effect on your body. It is considered to be the most ideal workout which can increase your heart rate for as long as 30 minutes. It is quite simple – you just start walking and don’t think about the distance you need to cover or how fast you have to go. You simple have to walk for 30 minutes. When a week has passed, you can set a distance limit that you have to walk this further in the 30-min duration. With the passage of time, gradually, you’ll notice that your speed has increased.

  1. Bicycling

Another one, which can be considered as a great alternative to the above one is bicycling. Riding a bicycle has less impact and you can easily remain determined while doing it with a group of friends. For this, you only need to have a reasonable, comfy bicycle. And if you don’t want to get a bicycle, then you can get a cycling machine to exercise your whole body. If you think you aren’t ready for a bike ride, you don’t need to be worried at all. You just have to make yourself feel comfortable. Don’t think of starting intensely as you can then quit easily or harm yourself.

  1. Leg lifts

Even while sitting on your desk or on a sofa, the beginner workout routine can easily be continued. Doing simple leg lifting exercise will help you enhance the muscles of your legs and set you up for more action. For toning muscles and increasing more resistance, you can also make use of small ankle weights (2 to 5 pounds) as well.

  1. Water aerobics

Some of the local pools also offer water aerobics exercise classes that are very effective. These water aerobics exercises exert little pressure on the joints and can prove to be an amazing way to expand into a more powerful overall fitness program.

In this exercise, a simple leg lift can turn to be two times as effective due to the resistance of the water. Most of the swimming pools also have particular equipments like aqua belts and foam dumbbells so that the resistance of the water can be increased.

A great instrument to measure the normal level of your daily activity is the pedometer. Wile you wear it, watch the times of the day when you are most inactive. Then set your goal to increase the level of your activity during those times.

Thus, no matter if you go for a walk, ride a bicycle or simple do the leg-lift workout, you don’t need to be nervous at all. This beginner workouts for women at home is really easy to start. So, you must leave your nervousness behind if you really want to have a healthier and longer life.

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