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Combining Cardio Exercises with Strength Training Programs

As far as weighted cardio is concerned, even this can be combined with the strength training program.

When it comes to strength training program, it doesn’t mean that you can necessarily separate the cardio out of it. No, this is not the case. Both can be combined and brought into session for fruitful results. The combination of both the workouts can bring effective and efficient results in unexpected frame of time. The one thing that you have to ensure is to conduct the both in appropriate manner. Cardio is usually associated with lungs and hearts which develops its endurance. On the other hand, strength training programs can certainly help you to develop a muscular body and to achieve a perfect physique. The combination of the two can help you to develop an effective and efficient system.

There’s a general mind – set among people that cardio exercise can be conducted through running, stair climbing or cycling. However, cardio is not only restricted to it – there’s much more to explore in the name of cardio. The ultimate goal of conducting cardio exercise is to pump the heart at a certain level. Even cardio while lifting weights can enhance your heart rate up to the required level.

Combining Cardio Exercises with Strength Training Programs:

It would be no compromise to combine the both at all. Apparently, it looks like an awful combination but this can result in quite the desired results of yours. However, combination doesn’t mean mixing here. You have to conduct the both separately each with dedicated time. For example, you can set-up different routines on weekly basis. For a week, you can dedicate 75% of your time to cardio while 25% to strength training. For the next week, reverse the routine. This can give you quite a choice and room of exercises to play with. The major appealing factor is that you would never get bore from this combination. It has been seen in past that people who adopted full – fledge strength training programs gets bored in next couple of weeks because of the same routine. This is not only restricted to men only but is said to be in the best interest of women as well. For the ladies out there, they can also buy Modern Woman Strength Training Guide proper workouts for women at home.

As far as weighted cardio is concerned, even this can be combined with the strength training program. It basically involves cardio work with standard training techniques of weight lifting. In order to extract desired results, it is highly suggested that you should apply the weight sets in long forms like 25 reps / set. You are only allowed to have 15 to 20 seconds between the sets. In fact, it would be great if you can complete the sets without even taking any break. In this way, your heart level will not only enhanced to certain level but will also get maintained. In addition to it, training exercises for strength should also be involved equally in order to maintain the balance.

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