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How To Lose Weight

Every one who is facing obesity always thinks how to lose weight and tummy.there can be different methods To reduce the size of tummy and lose weight easily, just change some habits of lifestyle. Capella Harbour, Dicorp Medical center nutritionist, instructs 6 tricks to easily clean the outline.follow these weight lose tips to Burn Fat of your body and look smart

  • Decrease salt consumption   

 In unwanted, it plays a role in liquid storage, which may reflect more on the numbers on the scale and appearance of cellulite. Prefer organic spices or herbs such as oregano, peppermint, parsley and lemon.

  • Give preference to raw and fresh foods.

The more organic, better in anti-oxidants and increased the power of cleansing meals. Arrangements like mindset and preparing salads are excellent options for consumption of raw fruits and veggies

  •  Attention to hydration

Drink 1 liter and a half to two liters of water a day and not consume alcohol carbonated beverages or other beverages developing, which are mostly great in sugar or salt.drink water also helps to Burn fat and Lose weight fast.

how to burn fat and lose weight
bally fat is more dangerous.burn fat using our tips

  •  Drink green tea and white tea

These two drinks are sources of catechins, polyphenols that accelerate metabolism. Consume up to 4 cups a day, away from the main dining

  •  preference to whole grains

These meals are excellent resources of energy, and in their full variations, promote satisfied more, increase your fiber consumption and prevent blood insulin rises.The refined carbohydrates such as white flour and sugar, ferment easily, leaving a bloated belly and are quickly converted into glucose, which triggers the release of high doses of insulin, the hormone responsible for, among other functions, storing the excess glucose in adipose tissue, “says Marina.Therefore, prevent carbohydrate food at night. The best choice for dinner is the combination of organic healthy salad, steamed fresh vegetables and a trim proteins such as chicken or fish, or vegetable broth with trim proteins.

  • Stay active and follow the diet even on weekends

No use following the diet during the week and forget about all weekend. You may end up regaining all the lost pounds during the week, and so those last remaining pounds will continue insisting not leave you.

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