10 Best Ways To Lose Weight After Quitting Smoking

Quitting smoking is a very tedious job for a person who has regularly consumed a lot of tobacco. It is not only taxing to the body but even your mind at times will lose control of the amount of exhaustion it goes through for having to stop smoking. You will also face a lot of negative effects on your mind and your body and one of them is gaining weight. Studies have shown that smoking speeds the metabolism and kills the feeling of hunger. When you stop doing that, your metabolism will be back to normal and you might actually feel hunger pangs. Choosing electronic cigarettes e liquid can be an option but you can use natural ways too.
If you are scared that you will gain weight after you quit smoking, don’t be under that impression. Let us see some of the ideas that you can use to lose weight:

1.Find out if you are hungry or thirsty

When you feel hungry, try and drink water first possibly icy cold water. If quenching your thirst makes your hunger curb, it is possible that you were actually thirsty and had confused with your hunger pand. If you still feel hungry, have a small food of not so calorific high snack.

2.Apple your hunger!

Much as an apple can keep a doctor away, it can actually keep the fats away too at the same time. The fibers in the apples will help in digestion and speed up the metabolism. It also helps remove the cancer causing cells that were produced when you had smoked.

3.Be on the move!

Don’t just sit around. Try to be on constant move – much if you can implement in literal senses, it would be better if you have an exercising regime that can go along with your daily diet.Best ways to lose weight after quitting smoking

 4.Let go the Sweet Box dude!

A small slice of cake can be a huge contributor on your weight scale. What use it is if you are exercising and double consuming your sweets? Learn to go on without the sweets as when your metabolism is getting on to the track, the last thing you want is flab and lipids hampering the regular activity.

5.Don’t avoid meals.

Starving yourself is only making your system, your metabolism and worse – you, miserable. The best way to a slimmer body is eat small foods at short interval of time. This will lower your constant pining feeling for food.

6.Healthier snacks are better

It is important that you choose healthy snacks to tasty snacks. Instead of having a cookie or a brownie, why not some vegetable mix or a fruit salad – it will throttle your metabolism and help you burn fats.

7.Say no to Alcohol

Alcoholic drinks are storehouses of fats and sometimes if it makes you forget your diet plan, beware – Alcohol consumption only hampers your fat-burning activity. Try a glass of fresh fruit juice.

8.Let’s Tea together!

O yes! Nutritionists and dieticians all across the world vouch for tea. A cup of good green tea is all you need to burn those additional calories. It also cleans and repairs any damage that has been done to your body due to smoking.

9.Be sporty!

In true senses; engage in some sports activities. If usual exercises are boring then sports will help you not only take shape physically but also keep your mind off smoking.

10.You the best!

Don’t be too suicidal in your approach and quitting cigarettes is not quitting life. Love yourself and your body which is a gift from god – nothing should matter more than you to you when you are recovering to a wonderful life. After all, you deserve and are doing a lot have a slimmer figure, smoke-free and healthy life!
About Author:Patricia Mendell is a private nutritionist and has majority patients who are victims of smoking and fat gaining after they quit smoking. Hence for such people, who find it hard to quit smoking, she recommends for electronic cigarettes e liquid which is highly safe and secure and doesn’t affect too much on the health
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