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Lose Weight By Water

 Drinking water before meals helps you lose weight
Obviously water is the best solution to reduce craving for food, but no studies to validate this concept. Well, a research presented at the American Chemical Community in Birkenstock boston, verified the “novelty”.
According to a research, consuming about 250 ml of water before morning meal, lunchtime and dinner, in addition to reducing the areas foods, may assist in lost weight and servicing people for up to a year.

use of water helps to burn fat.
“As part of a reasonable diet plan and low nutrient, adding water may help with losing bodyweight success,” says Dr. Brenda Davy, lead writer of the research and affiliate lecturer in the division of nutrition at Va Technical in Blacksburg.
The research included 48 obese or obese men and ladies between the ages of 55 and 75 years, who were on a low nutrient eating plan (1,200 calorie consumption per day for females and 1,500 calorie consumption per day for men). Half of those who were asked to drink 500 ml of water before foods lost an average of 7 kg, 5 kg compared to the other group.
It is not known why this happens, but it never affects to try, right? After all, water before eating is better than blocking of losing bodyweight supplements or excessive dieting.

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