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7 Common Mistakes WhileTrying To Lose Belly Fat

After weeks of working out your results are insignificant? You lose your weight but the abdominal fat remains unchanged? You probably make some mistakes that does not allow you to get a flatbelly. We will help you find them, so getting the perfect body will be a matter of time.
1 Your abdominal training is composed of crunches and squats only
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These are two of the most popular exercises for the abdominal muscles and in fact they are very effective. So why is it so difficult to obtain the ideal effect? Your abdominal muscles get used to the training very quickly if you practice your muscles over and over in the same way. For this reason, you need to modify your workout every 4-6 weeks.
Also remember about all the abdominal exercises that train the abdominal obliques (internal and external) and the transverse abdominal muscles. Try movements involving the trunk turns and biking (legs in a circular motion forward and backward lying down). Exercises on a stability ball or on one leg usually involve all the abdominal muscles.
2 You exercise every day
If you exercise every day, your muscles are probably overtired. It is not true that the abdominal muscles are unique and that they should be strengthened every day. This is the same as all the other muscles and they need time to recover after exercise. After an intense workout, you need to give them up to 48 hours of rest. During this time they have a chance to strengthen and regenerate. Proper training usually includes abdominal trainings 2-3days a week.
3 You avoid cardio workouts
This is a typical mistake that usually is made by men while abdominal training. It does not matter how hard you exercise abdominal muscles in strength training. Of course, abdominal training is important, but not the only one. It is also important to lose fat tissue and this can only be achieved through regular cardio exercises.
4 You avoid strengthen training of other parts of the body
Your trunk is composed of not only the abdominal and back muscles. In this area, there are also other muscles of the body, such as thighs. The characteristic distribution of the six muscles (the six-pack) is due to the fact that it is traversed by tendons, which are the end of other muscles, reaching other parts of the body. Strengthening the muscles of the whole body is very important to maintain a balance of power and the sizes of the various muscle groups.
5 Your diet is poorly balanced and unhealthy
Training is an excellent way to shape the body, but without the proper diet all efforts can fail. Eating highly processed food as sweets, cakes, cookies and fast food leads to fat tissue build up around the abdominal area and not only.lose belly fat fast,learn how to lose belly fat
2 pounds of fat has the energy charge value of 7716 calories. That many calories you need to burn to lose 2 pounds of fat! It sounds terrible, but you can do it. Just give up drinking 33 oz of sweetened carbonated beverage a day (250 calories) and walk 3-5 km (250 kcal) for the two weeks everyday. That way you can burn 2 pounds of fat.
6 You stick to the diet only
Reducing calories in meals without physical activity is a terrible idea. Indeed, the weight may fall quite dramatically, but some of the lost weight will come from the muscles. Only proper diet paired with exercises will help you lose body fat.
7 You refuse to seek help
When you feel like you have tried everything and still think that your abdomen leaves a lot to be desired, it is time to go to the experts – nutritionist and fitness trainer. Choose those who have appropriate training and experience in their work.
Before you start exercising, consult your doctor, especially if you suffer from any chronic disease or you are over 40 years of age. Not every workout is suitable for all people.
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