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Rapid Fat Loss Tips

The 5 Tips That Really Work for Accelerated Fat Loss
Readers, losing fat is not as complicated as it seems, and I will give you the diet that I followed for 2 months that enabled me to lose 20lbs, and I didn’t run or do cardio once! You read right, NOT ONCE. However I did follow a weight lifting program along with my steak and egg diet.

  • The first tip I recommend is to stop listing to do media. The media makes things complicated by telling you that “you must eat 6 small meals a day, you must eat every 2 hours to keep your metabolism high.”Friends you these companies must sell you something that seems complicated in order to make more money.
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  • The second tip I recommend is to eat twice a day, that’s right only twice a day. But you see you are going to eat 2 big meals a day consisting of steak and eggs. So meal one would be a steak and 4 whole eggs, meal two would be the exact same thing. Oh and you’re going to like this, with those two 2 meals you can have as much fat as you want but it has to be natural healthy fats, fats such as butter, olive oil, avocados, and peanut butter. Now do not panic about all these fats you are able to eat, you see when you are on a no carb diet, you need to eat healthy fats to speed up your metabolism. Healthy fats are essential for fat loss, healthy eyes, healthy skin, healthy bones, healthy muscles and much more. Egg yolks are great for the production of natural testosterone, so do not forget to have eggs with your steak daily.
  • The third tip I recommend is, along with your 2 meals of steak and eggs, the only liquids you should drink is water, drink lots of water throughout the day (about 8 cups).  Water has 0 calories and 0 sugar which will keep your calorie intake much lower than if you were to drink soda instead.
  • The fourth tip I recommend is to follow a weightlifting exercise program. It is my experience as a personal trainer that lifting weights has much better benefits than cardio. Lifting will put on muscle, which will raise your metabolism much higher than cardio alone. Lifting will enable you to keep muscle while you lose fat, (do not worry women, you will not become super muscular unless you are on anabolic steroids and HGH) which will ultimately give you the best body possible. I recommend 4 days of weightlifting a week for the best results.
  • The fifth and final tip I recommend is to KEEP it up! Once you achieve your desired results you can stick to the steak and eggs twice a day and even have a cheat meal every other day since you are at your desired weight (If you keep eating only steak and eggs you will continue to lose weight). Why not look, feel, and be healthy for the rest of your life?

Readers it is my personal experience and that if you follow this 5 principles you will lose fat, I guarantee it. The results were great even for all the people I recommended it for.
Authors Bio – My name is Julian Romain and I am a personal trainer In Chicago, IL and I have been for the past 5 years. I love helping people out not only about fitness but about everything else in life, I have a website which is a motivational blog in the departments of fitness, making money, and living your dream. Don’t forget to check it out, enjoy.

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