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Strength training workouts for women

The main purpose of strength training workouts for women is to shape your body so that you can have a perfect and healthy figure.

Usually, it is seen that majority of the women are into strength training only because they want a perfect athletic-look like the famous sports women.

The strength training workouts for women at home are particularly aimed at toning your arms, legs, thighs, back, chest and abdomen areas in order to develop healthy muscles. For carrying this out more effectively, many training programs have included various exercises for women so that they can concentrate on a particular part of the body. This helps to set the workout routine in a proper, orderly manner and generate more effective results in a short span of time. Given below are some of the strength training and cardio exercises for individual body parts that should be followed for a week:

Day 1: Strength training workout for legs – begin your weekly strength training workout by focusing on your quads, calves and hamstring muscles. You can start by freehand jumps, dumbbell squats, leg presses and standing calf raises. You can do 3 sets of each, including 12-15 reps of each set. Loosen up for one minute or 30 seconds when you complete a single set so that your muscles can relax.

Day 2: Strength training workout for chest and triceps – dedicate your second day to your chest, triceps and abs. The exercise includes push-ups, the dumbbell press, dips (for triceps), cable rope overhead triceps extension, ab roller, butterfly and the decline crunch. Once more, perform 3 sets containing 12-15 reps with short intervals in between the sets.

Day 3: Cardio exercise – you can do it on the treadmill for about 20 minutes. Two days of heavy weight training is followed after this because your body needs time to restore its form. There’s no use of doing marathon workouts because it won’t do anything to your muscles.

Day 4: Strength training exercise for the back and biceps – these exercises are also in the sets of 3 with 12-15 reps in each set and intervals in the middle. This includes shaping the back and biceps by butt lifting, pull-downs, bent-arm pull-overs, lying t-bar rows, back hyperextensions and dumbbell bicep curls.

Day 5: Strength training exercise for shoulders – besides shoulders, this one includes the abs as well with the same 3 sets including 12-15 reps each with the intervals in between. The exercises include external rotation, military presses, butt-ups, back flyes with bands and knee and hip raises.

Day 6: Cardio exercise – again, on day 6, you have to do the cardio like the way you did before. Began with the stretches and then perform the exercise for 20 minutes like before.

Day 7: Rest – take complete rest on the last day of the week since the whole week you have worked out and your muscles are in an awful need to relax. The best is to get ample sleep, drink more and more water, and cook some healthy meals. Don’t forget to go through the progress you’re making; do a little bit of yoga to relax your body and mind and also to keep yourself aware that your body is going through a training phase.

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