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Waiakea Volcanic Water Review – Hawaiian Spring Degradable Bottle Drinks?

Waiakea Volcanic Water Review – Hawaiian Spring Degradable Bottle Drinks?


Before we get into discussing the product and its advantages, we must always have a look at how vital water really is for our our bodies. To begin with, we will see that almost two thirds of the earth’s the human physique consisting of aqueous content material. This makes it evidently clear that water is without doubt one of the most vital constituents that’s required by us to stay a wholesome regular life.

Studies have clearly proven that the physique makes use of water in all its cells, organs, and tissues to assist regulate its temperature and keep different bodily capabilities. Also, as a result of our physique loses water via respiration, sweating, and digestion, it has been clinically proven that we have to often rehydrate our system by consuming fluids and by consuming meals that include good fluid content material.

Why Is Drinking Water Important for Us?

From a organic side we will see that consuming water will help within the upkeep of optimum fluid ranges inside our cells and organs.

As talked about earlier, our physique consists of about 60% water and most of our core capabilities depend upon optimum water consumption. Some of those capabilities embrace digestion, absorption, circulation, creation of saliva, transportation of vitamins, and upkeep of physique temperature.

About the Waiakea Volcanic Water Company

According to the corporate information accessible on-line, Waiakea Volcanic Water was based in 2012 because the “first Hawaiian volcanic water and triple bottom line premium water of its kind”. The firm goals at adapting to be as sustainable as attainable in order that it will possibly develop into a platform of wholesome, moral attributes and drive the beverage trade with new initiatives and improvements.

The firm additionally tasks itself as a life-style model that may encourage and create significant, constructive change in society. Amongst its many targets, the corporate’s major objective was to create a change throughout the “bottled water, beverage, and greater CPG industry, moving away from singular profit and towards a triple bottom line model that emphasizes people and planet”.

Why Choose Waiakea Volcanic Water?

There are many options which set this water other than its rivals. These embrace:

Mineral Infusion:

Each bottle comes loaded with scientific parts of silica, a mineral that offers the water its uniquely clean and delicate mouthfeel. Other key constituents embrace magnesium, sodium, potassium, chloride, calcium, and extra. Studies have confirmed that calcium and magnesium are important minerals, could be helpful in giving water a definite style and really feel to them.


To additional improve the hydration effectivity and efficacy of the water, the producer as added scientific parts of key electrolytes that assist keep the optimum working of our our bodies.

PH Balance:

A key space that this product addresses is its pH steadiness. The water is totally pure and doesn’t include any acidic parts, thereby delivering pure, constant tasting water.

Natural Filtration:

All of the water that’s packaged is derived from sources that endure via ‘porous volcanic rock’ filters which are naturally present in sure places on the planet. This technique not solely cleans out any microbes within the water, but in addition helps in including a great quantity of antioxidants to the combination in order that we will reap a bunch of scientific advantages as nicely.

What Are People Saying About Waiakea Volcanic Water?

Waiakea Volcanic Water has obtained an incredible response on-line and based mostly upon greater than 80 evaluations, the product has gotten a median score of four.eight/5 stars.

Satisfied prospects embrace Andrea Will who says ‘ This water is amazing! I have a son with Autism and he hates water. We have tried all types of Alkaline waters, filtered, and list goes on. This is the only water that he drinks now and loves it. He says it doesn’t have any weird taste like other waters do. It is not only refreshing, but we are already seeing how it is helping both my son and I with our GI issues. I wish they sold it in the stores here in Reno, but we have no problem ordering it.’

Similarly, Nicole Hammond says ‘The best water I’ve ever drank! Each time I go to the store or a different store, I check out the bottled water supply. I came across this brand at Sheetz and needed more in larger quantities immediately! I absolutely love this water and prefer it above any other bottled water. Fully refreshing with no unusual taste during or after drinking it. Very clean and smooth.’

Where Can I Buy Waiakea Volcanic Water?

The best approach to place an order is on the producer’s official web site. Alternatively, packages are additionally accessible via amazon and ebay. All funds could be made through PayPal, Maestro or Visa.

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