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Women strength training at home guide

Most of the women include the steady state cardio exercise in their fitness plan. But here, we recommend something that would be more effective.

Legend has it that to reduce excessive fat of the body, the best option is the steady state exercise in aerobics. It refers to continuous exercise which exerts low force on your muscles. When it comes to reducing extra amount of fat, this type of exercise is considered to be the best, although this might not just be the case.

Steady state aerobics carries a myth with itself that it proves to be the best exercise when it comes to fat loss. So, if you’re witnessing you’re eating, running and using your exercise equipments but still don’t seem to drop a single pound, then you’re probably getting attached to the so-called myth. Have you ever had been trained for some marathon and think of it as you’d lose some pounds because of all the tough training? Definitely you will never.

But here the question is if steady state aerobics is a myth, then what is the fact? Which exercise would be right in order to lose fat?

See, everybody wants to live a happy and healthy life and remain fit and healthy in the long-run. To achieve this, excessive fat loss is necessary. We can say, there’s an urge to modify our body composition, tone muscles and reduce extra fat.

Most of the women include the steady state cardio exercise in their fitness plan. But here, I recommend something that would be more effective – performing strength training and cardio exercise in intervals.  For more information, refer to strength training for more about workouts for women at home.

Here are some facts to let you know why this makes sense:

Day – 1 : Dedicate the complete session time for the workouts of legs.

Day – 2 : Chest & triceps workout sessions would be a good idea.

Day – 3 : Get yourself to cardio exercises.

Day – 4 : Strength training exercises would be required to your body for biceps and back.

Day – 5 : Exercise for strengthening the shoulders should be conducted.

Day – 6 : Get back to the cardio exercises once you have put all parts of your body at motion. It would be good to get cardio exercises by beginning with stretches. A 20-minutes session would be enough for the sixth day.

Day – 7 : Take a day off. Give complete rest to your body but don’t miss the diet plan schedule. By saying “off” – it doesn mean you are good to eat oily, deep fried, extra –fatty and oil – riched meals.

Don’t forget to go through the progress you’re making; do a little bit of yoga to relax your body and mind and also to keep yourself aware that your body is going through a training phase. It is highly suggested to never skip the given diet plan. By only doing intense exercises along without the support of a healthy and balanced diet – you certainly can’t achieve your desired goals no matter how much effort you put in.


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